Open Theses


As part of a research project designed to promote professional’s decision-making competencies, we aim, in a first step, to identify typical decision situations at the workplace that are closely related to compliance and integrity issues. We are searching for a master's student who supports us in this step.
The aim of this master's thesis is a) to systematically assemble such situations, b) to evaluate which of them are considered to be the most important according to practitioners in finance and economy (e.g., senior executives, compliance officers), and c), to examine how these actors believe how such decisions should be solved.
The master's student is expected to generate knowledge through systematic and scientific interviews and/or questionnaires with experts in according fields and to process his/her findings in a clear, theory-based, and groundbreaking manuscript.

Target group and supervision

This thesis is open to students interested in integrity, compliance, and behavioral ethics (ideally with prior knowledge in these fields) and will be supervised by David Schmocker.

Related literature

Tanner, C. & Christen, M. (2013)


The thesis can be submitted in English or German.


Contact David Schmocker for further information and an initial conversation.